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15 Top Tourist Places to Visit in Wayanad

Wayanad is a district, located in the northeast of Kerala. Wayanad has some beautiful places that includes several waterfalls, caves, trees, houses, adventure forest trips, mysteries ruins, and much more. The hills and valleys give an exclusive experience to the tourists, along with adventure sports and experiences that they`d love.

The best places to visit in Wayanad:

1. Chembra Peak:

Chembra Peak - Wayanad

Chembra Peak is the highest hill in Wayanad. The green hill attracts people from all over, not only for its beauty but also for the adventure trekking. The groups of people who come for excursions make camps in the hills and the Tourist Promotion Council of the District offers tourists with cabins, trekking equipment, sleeping bag, etc. This is one of the best Wayanad tourist places that will give a great travel experience.

2. Meenmutty Falls:

Meenmutty Falls - Wayanad

Meenmutty is a magnificent fall, located on the main road between Ooty and Wayanad. The falls fall in three stages and the height is around 300 meters. This is the largest waterfall in Wayanad and can be reached by a 2 km trekking route.

3. Banasura Sagar Dam:

Banasura Sagar Dam - Wayanad

Banasura Sagar Dam is located in the southwestern part of the district and is known to be the largest earth dam in India. It is located near the Karlad Lake project area and from where the dam starts, it also has a famous travel route. There is a set of islands that were formed when the surrounding areas were submerged by the reservoir.

4. Chethalayam Falls:

Chethalayam Falls - Wayanad

Chethalayam Falls is close to Sultan Bathery in Wayanad. It is not as big as Meenmutty but it also gives a boost to all the adventurers who come here after hiking, or for birdwatchers who can see many beautiful birds, squeaking in the middle of the woods next door.

5. Thirunelli Temple:

Thirunelli Temple - Wayanad

Thirunelli is a famous temple in Wayanad that is more than 3000 years old. The temple has been dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built with 30 granite columns to keep it protected. It is located near the current Papanasini and there is no bridge over the stream for tourists to cross, in order to get to the temple. Thirunelli is one of the most historic places to visit in Wayanad.

6. Pakshipathalam:

Pakshipathalam - Wayanad

Pakshipathalam is a touristic point of adventure in the Brahmagiri hills. There are numerous animals and birds that tourists can have an encounter with and at the end they reach the deep stone caves of Pakshipathalam.

7. Pookot Lake:

Pookot Lake - Wayanad

Pookot Lake is a natural freshwater lake surrounded by green mountains. The scenic beauty attracts local people and tourists due to the unspoilt nature and maintenance, which are done quite well. There is also an aquarium and a greenhouse here, and people can even go by boat. They also exhibit spices and handmade items from people. This is most beautiful tourist place in Wayanad along with an amazing environment and long trees.

8. Edakkal Caves:

Edakkal Caves - Wayanad

The mysterious Edakkal caves are located on the Ambukuthy mountain, three kilometers from Ambalavayal. The rocks of the cave had split naturally and were very well carved, representing humans and animals. The carvings make archaeologists sure that the people who live here, during prehistoric times were civilized. Stories predict the history of Wayanad and Kerala.

9. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary:

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary - Wayanad

Tholpetty is a popular wildlife sanctuary in Wayanad. Tourists enjoy spending a night here camping. There is a watchtower located above the lake, from where tourists can get the best views of the animals, especially when they come to drink water at the lake. People tend to see elephants, deer, wild cats and beautiful flowers on numerous trees.

10. Soochipara Falls:

Soochipara Falls - Wayanad

Soochipara Falls is another beautiful fall in Wayanad. It is in three steps and has a height of more than 200 meters. It has a beautiful and picturesque view in the surroundings and there are many wild animals that can be seen near the coastline. If you visit this wonderful tourist place near Wayanad your happiness will have no end.

11. Kuruvadweep:

Kuruvadweep - Wayanad

Kuruvadweep is one of the ideal tourist places to visit in Wayanad. The place is full of places of interest and the beauty of the surroundings is also fascinating. People are fascinated by the divine beauty of this place and this is one of the reasons why many people come to visit this place so often. This delta of the protected river has many things to offer to the visitors. It is one of the most visited places in Kerala and it is a well-protected area. It’s pretty big, like that and it can hold a lot of people at the same time. Those who have been in this place, talk about the amazing features and the variety of activities that can be done here. Those who visit this place, never return disappointed and it is expected that they will also have a lot of fun in this place.

12. Ambukuthi Mala:

Ambukuthi Mala - Wayanad

Here is another amazing tourist destination in Wayanad. This mountain is one of the most popular sites in Kerala too. People from all over the country come to witness the beauty of this place with their own eyes. It is very close to Ambalavayal and also sports prehistoric caves. There are many other things to see in this place too. The location has a lot to offer to the tourist and it can be said that it is one of the most visited places in Wayanad. One can easily fall in love with the beauty of the surroundings and excellent appeal of this mountain.

13. Padinjarathara Dam:

Padinjarathara Dam - Wayanad

This is actually one of the best things you can see here. Padinjarathara Dam is one of the best tourist destinations in Wayanad. People from all over the country come to enjoy the awesome beauty of this place. This is actually the largest land dam and is used for a number of purposes. The place is a very popular tourist spot in Wayanad. It is full of mystery and people get excited every time they visit this place. This is one of the best tourist places in India as well and it attracts foreigners who come to see it every year.

14. Pakshipathalam Bird Reserve:

Pakshipathalam Bird Reserve - Wayanad

One cannot get bored in this awesome place. The place is full of wonders and can be said to be one of the most exciting places in Wayanad. It acts as a great hiking destination as well. There are many things that one can do here. Opportunities to have fun and lose time are endless when you reach this destination. Bird watching is also one of the most popular activities in this place. One can spend most of the day seeing the extinct species of birds that they cannot see anywhere else.

15. Wayanad Heritage Museum:

Wayanad Heritage Museum - Wayanad

This is the well-organized museum that is one of Wayanad’s most famous tourist destinations. The museum is full of heritage and the archeology of India that is displayed in this museum is quite interesting as well. This is one of the few museums in Wayanad and it can be said that it is very popular to exhibit the impressive heritage of the Indian culture. One can find a lot of things that get in here. You can also get a lot of information in this museum as it is full of quotes and wall-writing that are educational. If you ever go to Wayanad do not forget to visit this place.

These are some of the best tourist places in Wayanad. One can be totally entertained when they visit these places, as they are the best options for adventure lovers.

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