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Manali Adventure Sports for the Adrenaline Junkie in You

These days the travel preferences and objectives of travellers have changed. Gone are the days when people only visited places to do passive sight-seeing. Today’s travellers, especially the youngsters, are very much into adventure sports and other thrilling activities. Keeping this in mind, we at Whitemushroom Holidays have prepared for you some awesome information about Manali adventure sports. These adventure sports are really unusual and trying them out might make you the topic of talk among your friends!


Paragliding in Manali

Ever wanted to feel like a bird? Ever dreamed about flying in the sky and becoming one with the wind? Then paragliding is the perfect adventure sport for you. Don’t miss out on it when you come to Manali as it is truly a once in a lifetime kind of experience. And not to worry, you will be accompanied by more experience gliders as you take the leap off a hilltop. Just open your eyes and enjoy the view while you are lifted in the air! You will find paragliding options in Marhi and Solang Valley.

Paragliding in Manali (Photo by Himachal Shimla Expert)

                   Paragliding in Manali (Photo by Himachal Shimla Expert)

Quad Biking in Manali

Ride on Quad Bikes, which are essentially motorcycles with four huge tyres, used for off-road riding. Also known as All Terrain Vehicles (or ATVs), these bikes provide a thrilling and adventurous experience for their riders. You can drive through challenging terrain along with the trained drivers to guide you along. There are many service providers in Manali arranging riding expeditions that you can choose from. Now that’s something that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Quad Biking in Manali (Photo by Antrek)

                              Quad Biking in Manali (Photo by Antrek)


White Water Rafting

Complete the trifecta of air, land and sea sports with a white water rafting experience on the river Beas. Experience the twists and turns of the river as you feel refreshed, exhilarated & pumped up on the water. Pro tip: carry a towel and a change of clothing along with you as you will definitely get wet! Also, this activity is not recommended for children below the age of 12. Make memories of a lifetime with one of the most loved Manali adventure sports.

River Rafting in Manali (Photo by Ravers Expeditions)

                            River Rafting in Manali (Photo by Ravers Expeditions)



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