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The Perfect Getaway for Everyone – Kasauli

People these days live in a fast paced world where there is very little time to sit back and relax. In a world where time is more valuable than money one seldom uses the time to do something a person truly likes and appreciates. Most of the times people are busy doing their day to day activities like work, family commitments and household chores. On the rare days off they are too to do anything fun. It is for this reason it becomes extremely crucial to take a break from the monotonous life and get away from it all for a brief while. This helps one to freshen up their body and mind. It can prove to be very beneficial as it has the capacity to rejuvenate people.

Hence, more number of people should look to utilise the weekends or at least the long weekends and do something fulfilling which is different from the activities of the day to day life. One of the best ways to do that is to go away on a short trip. While different people love different types of places like beaches, mountains or deserts, in this case it has to be said that a hill station like Kasauli is the ideal place. The climatic conditions, the scenic beauty and the hotels in Kasauli makes this palace extremely special for short trips. The following are some of the reasons why everyone should visit this place to rejuvenate themselves.

Natural Beauty

A place like Kasauli is a peace lover’s paradise. The natural beauty possessed by this region can be matched by very few places across the world. It has the perfect balance of everything. The overall greenery can bring great joy to the hearts of the people who live in the big cities and are habituated to the concrete jungles. Add to it the picturesque backdrop where one can see Himaalays in its full glory. It also has many rivers in the region which gives this area an extremely pleasant look. The best time to visit Kasauli is during the monsoons when everything is full of life and there is greenery all around. It is also regarded as a hub for trekkers from all over the world. Some of the finest trekking routes are found in this area. The local cuisine too is a big draw for the tourists as it offers something different.

Suitable for All

One of the biggest advantages of this place is that it is suitable for every kind of tourist. These are ideal for romantic couples as well as a large groups of friends. One can also bring the whole family on a trip to Kasauli. Hence, no matter what the purpose is and how large or small the group is, Kasauli is a good destination to visit. While the yousters can take long treks and do some adventure sports like mountaineering, the elderly can enjoy themselves by soaking in the atmosphere and experiencing the natural beauty of this place.


This region is not only popular for its tourist attractions but is also equally famous for its hospitality. The people are extremely welcoming and the presence of huge number of hotels makes staying at Kasauli an excellent experience. Some of the top hotels in Kasauli provides luxurious accommodation options at very affordable rates. They have all the modern amenities that one may need for a comfortable and happy stay. The staff is extremely helpful and courteous. They offer a wide variety of cuisines in their menu. All these things makes a visit to Kasauli an extremely memorable and yet affordable one.

Kasauli – The Ideal Weekend Getaway

To rekindle the romance, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to tackle the stress with some fresh air – whatever the reason, Kasauli is always a great idea for a weekend getaway. It is a quaint little hill station tucked away in Shivalik range. Established during the British era, this ideal spot for the small retreat has much to offer that will keep you coming back for more.

While it makes a weekend getaway from Delhi or Chandigarh, if you plan to visit from any other place it fits right into a tour package with Shimla and Manali. Your visit to Himachal Pradesh will be more charming with a visit to Kasauli. If you do decide to spend your weekend here in Kasauli, places to stay are a plenty. Here are few fun things that you can engage in while you are here at Kasol.

Nature Walk

To take a walk with your loved one, from the Lower Mall up to Kimmughat and Sunset Point, all the way around the Sanatorium is truly a bliss. Lover’s lane is rightly named as it is perfect for romantic walk away from prying eyes. With the peaks stretched far away, this walk offers the best view to compliment the love that is here in the air. A nature walk around Kasauli will bound to transport you to a separate lovely place just for the two of you.

Toy Train Ride

One of the biggest attraction of Kasauli is the joy ride in the toy train. The toy train has been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. A ride through the oak and pine forests, gorges, hilly hamlets and hill tunnels is an experience that is unparalleled by any other hill station in this part of the world. You can travel from Kasauli to Dharampur to take the train to Barog and return. This trip will take you through the tunnel for three minutes. The picturesque view will take your breathe away.


If you are the one for trekking, don’t forget to carry your trekking gears to Kasauli as this place offers beautiful winding hilly tracks to give you a great trekking experience. A huge advantage of trekking in Kasauli is the fact that it’s not too crowded like most places. You can trek up to the popular sports such as Sunset Point, Jabli and Manki. The perfect weather and the jaw dropping scenic beauty makes this trek refreshing and reviving.

Tibetan Market

Going for a holiday and not getting any souvenir back just does not sound right. So pick up souvenirs from the Tibetan shops that dot the lower Mall road. While you are at it, check out the shops that offer variety of handicrafts. Hand crafted shawls, stoles and scarves are especially charming. You can also pick up fruits like peach, plums and apricots fresh out of orchards. They also have lip smacking choices of jams and marmalades. Moreover, Kasauli’s Tibetan market offers a range of fruits wines.

Something for the Foodie

There’s something for everyone on Kasauli. For the foodies, the Tibetan market offers delicious savouries to gorge into. The Tibetan stalls serve you one of the most mouth watering momos and thupkas. The poppy seed halwas, madaras and sidus are few of the other yummy options available here. That’s not all, you can also have the delectable North Indian cuisine at NH22 or if you are the one with sweet tooth, Narinder Sweet House will leave you craving for more. Another place you absolutely can not miss out on is the very famous Narinder Sweet House. Apart from the delicious food and wide range of beverages that are on offer, they are popular for arranging Live DJ performances on weekend nights. This rooftop bar has the best ambience you can ask for.

To experience Kasauli to fullest spend at least a night here. At Kasauli, places to stay are abundant. You can check out White Mushroom holiday for a cosy stay to give you the magical experience.

Pick The Best Hotel in Kasauli for an Unmatched Experience

There is no doubt that Himachal Pradesh is one of the most naturally blessed states in India. There are many places in Himachal Pradesh that can totally mesmerize you with their natural beauty. One such place is Kasauli. This highly popular tourist destination always brims with travelers and adventure seekers from different parts of India. Situated in Solan district, Kasauli is a small town and a cantonment as well. It was the year 1842 when this cantonment came into existence.

Situated at an altitude of 6,322 feet or 1,927 meters above sea level, Kasauli offers an excellent setting for reviving your exhausted mind and body. Quite obviously, there are plenty of hotels and resorts available in this small town, and most of them remain packed during the peak seasons. So, if you are looking to book a Kasauli hotel which can provide you an impeccable experience, you definitely need to confirm your booking as early as possible.

Choosing the right hotel in Kasauli

However, you must keep few vital things in mind before finalizing your accommodation in Kasauli. If you end choosing a wrong option, it can greatly affect your Kasauli trip. There are certain attributes you need to check before finalizing a hotel.

Some of them are-

Pick up and drop facility- The best hotels and resorts always make extra effort in order to satisfy their guests. Hotels like White Mushroom Holidays are known for their superb hospitality, which starts right from the point of pickup. So, after a long journey, if you are picked up from the bus stand or any other location by the hotel staff member, it certainly keeps you away from the hassles of finding the hotel. Likewise, the hotel should also drop you at your destination. Complimentary pick and drop facility can add more convenience to your trip.

Food quality- When you are on a vacation, your taste buds definitely expect something really special. This is the reason why the best hotels always pay a lot of importance to this department. They hire experienced chefs and staff members from the hotel industry, so that the best quality food can be provided to their guests. Hence, when you browse through the online reviews, do keep an eye on what the visitors have to say about the food quality.

Location- In Kasauli, there is no dearth of tourist hotspots; some of the must visit places are Baptist Church, Monkey Point, Timber Trail, Lover’s Lane, Sunset Point, Mall Road, Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji, Nahri Temple, Beja State, and many more. So, you need to choose a location which is neither right in the middle of the town, not too far away. If you want a peaceful environment, a hotel located right in the central part of the town can never provide that. In this regard, the location of White Mushroom Hotel is really great; it is located in Kimu Ghat. Most of the major tourist attractions from this location can be easily accessed.

Apart from them, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of the Kasauli Hotel you have in your list. If the bed linen and the toilet are unclean and unhygienic, there is no way you will enjoy your trip. In this regard, you can check out the photos that have been uploaded by the guests, which will provide you a true picture of the hotel’s cleanliness.

So, keep the above mentioned tips in mind and finalize your Kasauli accommodation as early as possible, so that the last minute rush can be avoided. Plus, it will also help you grab the best deals.

5 Tips For Finding The Best Hotels In Kullu And Manali

Resting in the crevices of the Great Himalayas lies Kullu and Manali; a collection of three independent hills joined to form an amazing tourist destination. The panoramic view of the spectacular snow clad mountains along with the freshest, greenest pine trees dotting along the sides of the mountains is what adds an extra touch of charm to the beautiful hill stations of Kullu and Manali.

Kullu and Manali are the perfect vacation spots for those who always have adventure on their minds and adrenaline running through their veins. These two hill stations offer tourists with some of the most exciting adventure sports you can enjoy on your holiday. Some of them include trekking, skiing, zorbing, mountaineering, and much more! Kullu and Manali are also known as the lover’s paradise, as many couples from far and wide, choose these dainty little hill stations as their honeymoon destination.

Whether you are visiting Kullu or Manali on your honeymoon, to go on an adventure with your friends, or simply on a relaxing holiday alone or with your family, these hill stations have something in store for everyone! Simply search online to look for the best hotels in Kullu Manali, and plan your trip to this magical winter land for your next holiday!

Some important tips which will help you find the best hotels in Kullu Manali:

1. Choose the perfect time to visit – Kullu and Manali are usually crowded and very popular tourist destinations during the summers. The amazingly cool weather and picturesque view is what makes it such a popular spot for youngsters, families as well as couples. Choose a time to visit Kullu/Manali when the stream of crowds is not so heavy, that way you might be able to enjoy a more relaxing holiday at this wonderful destination. The winters and autumn is an amazing time to visit this place as you can enjoy all of the adventure sports during these times.

2. Search online – One of the best ways to find a good hotel in Kullu or Manali for your holiday is to go online and search for the best places to stay. You can browse the different hotels based on your days of visit, your budget, whether you want to book a hotel room, a resort, or a camping site.

3. Look at the facilities provided by the hotel – When choosing a place to stay for your visit to Kullu or Manali, choose a hotel which provides you with the basic amenities, such as a place for parking your car, room heating services, a neat and tidy room and bathroom facilities, as well as a wonderful view to enjoy your everyday morning cup of coffee in front of.

4. Location of the hotel – Another important tip when looking for a good hotel in Kullu and Manali is to choose a hotel which is centrally located. This way you will get easy access to all the local shops, nearby sightseeing places, as well as access to public transport if you want to go around the area.

5. Referrals are a great way to find a good hotel – Instead of putting your blind faith in the reviews of strangers online, you can also ask your close friends or relative who have visited Kullu and Manali before for places of accommodation. These referrals might help you compare and finalize on some of the best hotels in Kullu Manali for your next visit.

If you are looking for the best hotels in Kullu Manali and wish to have a memorable trip then you should visit White Mushroom Holidays known for their mesmerizing property at affordable prices.

Your Travel Stories: Edition 8 – What Are Our Guests Saying?

8th edition of our series “Your Travel Stories is back! With this series, we are sharing travel stories and reviews shared by our guests.

Mr Sachdeva_N rated our Kasauli hotel 4 stars on Tripadvisor 4 days ago, and shared his White Mushroom Kasauli Review and Experience as below: 

Awesome place to celebrate New Year

“I stayed there on 31st Dec 2016 night with my wife and my friend;s family; we were total 6 people. Unlike other hotels in Kasauli this hotel did not offered any DJ facility which was good as per our choice. Barbecue at the roof top and two musicians singing with bornfire; a perfect welcome to new year.
Food was awesome, served hot. Hotel was nice, clean with all basic amenities and ample parking space.

Stayed: December 2016, travelled with family 

Mrs Manju Chug rated our Kasauli hotel 5 stars on Tripadvisor 6 days ago, and shared her White Mushroom Kasauli Review and Experience as below: 

Excellent location

“We had visited in 2016 and were in group of 13 persons. Excellent location and service of staff. Breakfast and dinner was very good. We had family room. Rooms were neat and clean. Good property in kasauli.”

Mr Rajan Gautam rated our Kasauli hotel 5 stars on Tripadvisor 6 days ago, and shared his White Mushroom Kasauli Review and Experience as below: 


“Awesum place very good view in rooms very neet & clean rooms Very Good staff Very Good food Very good services All things are aval in one roof I am sure i discuss this experience with my family & friends”

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