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Manali – A Perfect Place for Adventure devotee

When it comes to the top most adventurous places in India, Manali is on the top of this list. It is a place of snow along with beautiful mountains and heart catching waterfalls. The cold climatic conditions of Manali make it a perfect place for tourists who love to enjoy the view of snowy mountains and picturesque scene of nature.

Apart from enjoying beautiful sightseeing, Manali offers ample adventurous things to do.

Such as!

1. River rafting-

River rafting is one of the most common activities to do in Manali. It will give you an amazing and thrilling experience of surviving on swift waters. But, rainy season makes it restricted. So, avoid visiting Manali in the season of rain. June and July is the perfect time to visit Manali and to enjoy river rafting.

2. Skiing-

Snowy weather of Manali allows you to enjoy winter sports like skiing. Skiing gives you an opportunity to take pleasure in beautiful mountains. If you are a novice, then don’t be scared. You can hire an instructor who will educate you on the right way of skiing. The places including Marhi, Gulaba, and Dhundi are known for the best places for skiing.

3. Paragliding-

It is the most adventurous activity that you really have to try at least once. Paragliding offers a chance to enjoy a flight like a free bird. It will definitely give you a thrilling experience that you can never forget. You can enjoy paragliding in Manali between the months of June and September.

4. Trekking-

Trekking is a new adventurous activity concept that is going popular nowadays. Manali has amazing trekking tracks along with breathtaking views of nature like- Rohtang pass to snowline, Chanderkhani Pass, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Sar pass, Tapri to Kalpa, and Sangla to Baranag trek.

5. Visit of Rahala waterfall-

If you like to spend your time at waterfall area, then Manali is the only place where you can enjoy incredible waterfalls like Rahala. The Rahala waterfall is situated on the way to Rohtang pass. A tremendous view of snowy mountains, fresh water, and beautiful greenery in background will fill you with bliss.

6. Zorbing-

Do you have any idea about it? Well, it is the most popular entertaining activity in which people get trolled in the transparent boll and then the boll is rolled along down hills. People come from across the world to participate in Zorbing sport in Manali. Don’t you think it is a slightly exclusive sport than others?

7. Camping-

Solang Valley is the hub of adventurous activities in Manali. You will find every activity, every sport at this place. Camping allows you to take part in every activity in Solang valley. You can be a part of camping with other people and enjoy every action along with other camp fun, such as bonfire, group games, and funny tails.

That’s it!

These are top 7 things that you can do on your trip. Here you will not only experience the thrill of daring sports, but you can also fall for the unspoiled beauty of nature. The expected Manali trip cost can be 3000-6000 INR or depends on how many days you will stay. Moreover, you can also take help from the internet to find the best deals and tour packages of Manali. A number of service providers are available who promise a good package including best services of a hotel, delicious food, luxury comfort, perfect destinations and engaging activities in Manali.

So, what are you waiting for? Just plan your vacation today before it’s getting too late and add adventure to your boring vacation. In order to ensure the you incur the least Manali trip cost for your trip, book your trip through a reliable service.

Short weekend breaks around the NCR

Vacations are a time to unwind, relax and catch up with loved ones. Irrespective of whether it is one day vacation or a month long one, vacations are necessary for one and all. Since getting a sanctioned leave from office proves to be difficult for most, people are increasingly opting for short trips and weekend getaways.

For a vacation to truly be memorable, you should visit a place that deserves your attention. Vacations provides a much-needed break to a person and the family, so pack your bags and head to the best tourist destinations of the world. With an ideal vacation in mind, travel and tourism companies have come up with solutions to help the potential travellers with tailor made vacations. The traveller – looking forward to a great holiday, does not want to be hassled unnecessarily. The great holiday could be a trip to the nearby hill station the next weekend.

No matter where you are located, you can directly contact the hotel you want to stay in. They will ensure that your short holiday package is so designed that only reasonable time is spent on travel and most of it is properly utilized on the actual holiday and sightseeing. The holiday package will contain deals, discounts, tickets and various other attractions in a bid to make your holiday fruitful and awesome. The hotel can arrange your pick up and drop off, upon request.

Irresistible, authentic and awesome – most weekend getaways around Delhi qualify these terms. You could travel to the nearby places such as Rishikesh, Shimla, Kasol, Sohna, Jaipur, Nanital, etc. In the NCR belt and around it, there is Mughal architecture spread all over. On a long weekend, you could even visit the Sariska Tiger Reserve, Karnal, Gurugram, etc. The places of interest and sightseeing areas will keep you occupied. These places are well connected from Delhi and other major cities of India.

Pay a visit to the historic Panipat, Rohtak, Murthal, Bulandshar, etc., for a weekend getaway from Delhi. Take a break from the concrete jungle to travel solo or with family. For couples retreat, there are wonderful resorts and villas just on the fringe and the outskirts of the teeming and busy city of New Delhi. Your travel agent or the hotel can arrange, accommodation, temporary halts, road trips, food tours, religious tourism, etc., for you, at reasonable rates.

With effective planning comes a great vacation. A holiday package can be booked even if you are travelling solo. For a smooth and successful holiday, NCR is a great area to pick. Get in touch with a reputed and professional service so that you can let your hair down and enjoy the best of days in this beautiful and charming area. Talk to your tour operator or travel agent about travel arrangements, tour packages and accommodation that can be booked as per your budget.

If you are travelling leisurely and have ample time in your hands, each attraction can be covered in the holiday package deal. You will be provided with an itinerary of travel and the approximate time required for each aspect of the holiday. You can find grand seven star hotels here, three star accommodation as well, house hotels, suites, dorm rooms and so on. If you are facing a problem, you can approach the hotel authorities as well as the locals. They will surely extend help and assistance to you in the best possible way.

The perfect places for a Himalayan writer’s retreat: Come, enjoy your stay, and finish that book

We recognize that writing is a tough task, and one that flourishes best in scenic, peaceful environments.

Writers have often taken breaks in order to re-stimulate their muse and complete their masterpieces. White Mushroom holidays has curated three special places in the Himalayas. Here writers can experience that perfect Himalayan writer’s retreat.

The best part? There is a 50 % discount for writers who book a month long stay at our properties in any of these three places- Manali, Kasauli and Rohanda.

What’s the catch? Well, you just have to write a review of your stay at our properties in order to avail that 50 % discount. Now, that’s a good deal for sure! Our first property, the Hotel Sanawar View is loved by many people who visit Kasauli. We keep our guests very engaged and entertained by organizing frequent treks, BBQ dinners and even cultural events on the property. But fear not, should you choose to lead a more reclusive stay, we totally respect and honour your decision. To know more about Hotel Sanwar View click here.

                                      Relax in Hotel Sanawar View, Kasauli

Our second property is located in India’s favourite hill station, nestled in the lap of nature, the snow-covered Manali. If you stay here with us for a month whilst you attempt to get your creative juices going, you’ll never be short of awesome places to eat in Manali. You can find like-minded creative folks to hang out with at the quaint coffee shops in Old Manali and build new connections.

Casa Belle Vista, Manali. Picture Courtesy Maps of India

                            Casa Belle Vista, Manali. Picture Courtesy Maps of India

The third amazing property in our Himachal portfolio is in Rohanda, an absolute gem of a secret place nestled in the hills. This one is totally pristine and away from the touristy crowds. A perfect Himalayan writer’s retreat is staying among apple orchards & being unplugged from the hustle and bustle of city life. For that we have The Orchard Retreat is the perfect destination for you. Stretch your legs out and take a break from your writing. You have multiple options as Rohanda is also a trekker and a hiker’s delight.

The Kamrunag trek path in Rohanda (Photo by The Traveling Slacker)

The Kamrunag trek path in Rohanda (Photo by The Traveling Slacker)


Fun Things to Do in Kasauli

Planning a quick weekend getaway can be fun and exciting. If you are looking to break away from the city madness and run to the mountains for a refreshing time, then Kasauli will be the perfect place for you. Located at just the right distance from Delhi and Chandigarh, this quaint hill station has a rich heritage and pristine landscape that makes nature lovers fall in love with this place. If you are someone who wants to just relax in the lap of nature, then you can easily find some of the best hotels in Kasauli to give you just that experience.

All kinds of travelers come to Kasauli looking for a quick change or a peaceful weekend. If you choose to spend a weekend at this place, it is almost guaranteed that you will not run out of things to do.

If long nature walks or marveling at the nature are your thing, then Kasauli will leave you breathless, literally and figuratively. Nature lovers can take long walks on one of the many nature trails that cut through thick oak and pine forests. Many adventure seekers also go deeper into these forests to trek up and also camp at night. One of the most famous trails is Gilbert Trail that you can enjoy alone or with your significant other.

There are many places to go sightseeing in Kasauli. The most famous point, Manki Point, gives you a clear view of China peak on a clear day. This spot also has a Hanuman temple that one can visit. Since this is a defence area, you are not allowed to click pictures and must submit all your camera and devices at the entrance. However, you can freeze that beautiful view in your mind forever.

If you are traveling with kids, you should definitely take them on a toy train ride. This is one experience they will never forget in their lives. This toy train has also been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage. This is one of the most entertaining experiences and tourist attractions in Kasauli that your kids will enjoy.

What good is a trip to Kasauli if you didn’t explore its Tibetan market? A sizeable Tibetan population stays in Kasuali and their influence can be seen on the culture, the food and even the market. If you want to experience Tibetan culture closely, just take a walk at lower mall road and check out all the local Tibetan handcrafted stuff sold by these shops. You can also buy some fresh mountain fruits such as plums, peaches, apricots etc.

Kasauli is a small hill station with little something for everyone. You can just relax or soak in the nature at your own pace. Just take your time explore and take back some of the finest memories.

The Travel Inspiration You Need: Escape to the Hills!

What are you doing this weekend? We are sharing some travel inspiration for you!

A poster on Travel Inspiration

Make this poster your travel inspiration! Print it and paste it in your cubicle. 


Work. Travel. Save. Repeat.

Beat the heat this weekend with beautiful travel destinations like Kasauli and Rohanda.

Give a call to 9278555444! Use Code WEEKEND12 to get 3 surprise offers!

Have a great weekend.

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