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The perfect places for a Himalayan writer’s retreat: Come, enjoy your stay, and finish that book

We recognize that writing is a tough task, and one that flourishes best in scenic, peaceful environments.

Writers have often taken breaks in order to re-stimulate their muse and complete their masterpieces. White Mushroom holidays has curated three special places in the Himalayas. Here writers can experience that perfect Himalayan writer’s retreat.

The best part? There is a 50 % discount for writers who book a month long stay at our properties in any of these three places- Manali, Kasauli and Rohanda.

What’s the catch? Well, you just have to write a review of your stay at our properties in order to avail that 50 % discount. Now, that’s a good deal for sure! Our first property, the Hotel Sanawar View is loved by many people who visit Kasauli. We keep our guests very engaged and entertained by organizing frequent treks, BBQ dinners and even cultural events on the property. But fear not, should you choose to lead a more reclusive stay, we totally respect and honour your decision. To know more about Hotel Sanwar View click here.

                                      Relax in Hotel Sanawar View, Kasauli

Our second property is located in India’s favourite hill station, nestled in the lap of nature, the snow-covered Manali. If you stay here with us for a month whilst you attempt to get your creative juices going, you’ll never be short of awesome places to eat in Manali. You can find like-minded creative folks to hang out with at the quaint coffee shops in Old Manali and build new connections.

Casa Belle Vista, Manali. Picture Courtesy Maps of India

                            Casa Belle Vista, Manali. Picture Courtesy Maps of India

The third amazing property in our Himachal portfolio is in Rohanda, an absolute gem of a secret place nestled in the hills. This one is totally pristine and away from the touristy crowds. A perfect Himalayan writer’s retreat is staying among apple orchards & being unplugged from the hustle and bustle of city life. For that we have The Orchard Retreat is the perfect destination for you. Stretch your legs out and take a break from your writing. You have multiple options as Rohanda is also a trekker and a hiker’s delight.

The Kamrunag trek path in Rohanda (Photo by The Traveling Slacker)

The Kamrunag trek path in Rohanda (Photo by The Traveling Slacker)


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