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Wayanad is a district, located in the northeast of Kerala. Wayanad has some beautiful places that includes several waterfalls, caves, trees, houses, adventure forest trips, mysteries ruins, and much more. The hills and valleys give an exclusive experience to the tourists, along with adventure sports and experiences that they`d love. The best places to visit in Wayanad: 1. Chembra Peak: Chembra Peak is the highest hill in Wayanad. The green
Enjoying the perfect weekend at charming and impressive places is undoubtedly a growing trend in metro cities today. Delhi people often want to celebrate their weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Delhi is well connected with many prominent attractions that can refresh the mind, body, and soul. Here are some of the top destinations for the weekend that can be reached very easily from this metro
The Hawa Mahal is the most emblematic place in Jaipur and we see countless images of this beautiful place if we search for more information online. The facade of the Hawa Mahal is beautiful but at the same time there are other places inside that are equally or more and partly beautiful. The beautiful facade of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur Hawa Mahal The Hawa Mahal has the peculiarity that
Manali, in Himachal Pradesh, is a popular hill station nestled in the valley of the Beas River. It is a part of the Kullu district and has a moderate population. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists who feel the need to spend some time among the hills to recover and relax. The famous Karakoram Pass is very close to this city. Manali is beautiful tourist places to
People these days live in a fast paced world where there is very little time to sit back and relax. In a world where time is more valuable than money one seldom uses the time to do something a person truly likes and appreciates. Most of the times people are busy doing their day to day activities like work, family commitments and household chores. On the rare days off they

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