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5 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Himalayan holiday this summer!

You’ve been planning and you’ve been doing your research. During the lunch break in office, you’ve been dreaming about the places you’ll visit and the photographs that you’ll take. Yet, a Himalayan holiday seems like a faraway fantasy. Whatever your reasons may be for still being stuck in Delhi/NCR- they are all excuses. Where there is a will, there is a way. We are here to tip you over the cliff of indecision into the wonderful world of the Himalayas. Read on below:

  1. You Deserve a Break from the Polluted air of Delhi/NCR

Imagine yourself in the lap of nature. You are breathing in the fresh and clean Himalayan air. Rejuvenate your lungs with the smog free and pollution free environment of the hills. At least for the duration of your holiday, you can get rid of those headaches, sinus colds and wheezing bouts.

Fresh Himalayan Air. Photo Courtesy Pinterest

  1. Take a Time Out from Office Madness

If office is the centre of your existence, then you my friend, need to re-think your priorities in life. Free your brain from the incessant chatter of your office mates and the minutiae of office politics. Let it recharge and become more creative.

  1. Enjoy delicious local and Pahadi food

Although the food scene in Delhi/NCR is not bad, you can’t compare it to the simple and hearty fare of the hills. Have your pick of organic food made with the best of ingredients. Try new cuisines at the locally famous restaurants. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best Kasauli restaurants, if you’re considering travelling there.

Casa Belle Vista, Manali. Picture Courtesy Maps of India

  1. Stay in comfortable accommodation & get pampered

One of the most important parts of any vacation experience is accommodation that is comfortable, elegant and hospitable. If you’re travelling to Kasauli, Manali or Rohanda this summer be sure to check out properties managed by White Mushroom holidays. They are highly rated on Tripadvisor and are keen to provide you with an impeccable accommodation experience.

                                              Relax in Hotel Sanawar View, Kasauli

  1. Create memories of a lifetime with your loved ones

You simply can’t put a price on memories created with your loved ones. Make your Himalayan holiday extra special by focusing on the people that matter to you the most. Go on long walks with them. Have BBQ dinners and listen to live music. Spend some time exploring your hobbies, be it photography or trekking.

Don’t regret staying home this summer!

If you are planning to travel to hills, why not go to beautiful Himalayan travel destinations like Kasauli, Rohanda and Manali?

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Rohanda: The Hidden Mountain Gem that Will Surprise & Delight You

Today, we’re here to introduce to you a pristine and beautiful hill station nestled in the lap of nature in Himachal Pradesh. The best part is that this place, Rohanda, is still a secret from the touristy crowd that floods Himachal in the summers. So, you will be a pioneer when you visit and will have all the unspoiled beauty of this quaint little village to yourself. Experience the perfect balance of serenity and sight-seeing options here.

A picture of Rohanda

                                                              The scenic views of Rohanda

Getting to Rohanda

Rohanda is easily accessible, located 35 kms away from Sundernagar en route to Manali.  At only a 5 and a half hour drive from Chandigarh, the place is convenient to reach. The nearest airport is the Kullu airport and the nearest railway station is the Shimla railway station. The best place to stay in Rohanda is a spacious, old-fashioned bungalow called ‘The Orchard Retreat’. The bungalow is in the lap of nature, surrounded by blue pin, fir, oak and cedar trees. You can rent the whole property if you are travelling as a large group.

Why Stay at The Orchard Retreat

One of the benefits of staying at the bungalow is that a guided tour of the apple orchard can be arranged for you. You can learn about the entire process of growing apples while soaking in the beauty of the place.  Right in front of the bungalow is a trail that goes up to Kamrunag Lake making it a moderate trek for the trekking enthusiasts. For adventure enthusiasts, there is more to explore beyond Kamrunag as they walk towards Shikara Devi shrine (15 kms approx). The ‘Orchard Retreat’ also provides you with an accompanying guide if you so wish.

Fun Things to Do

Once you are back from a day of trekking, have a bonfire with your family or friends. You could also have those incredible guitar jamming sessions at night around a bonfire. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the prices of the rooms. This is great because you won’t have to venture out every single time you feel peckish and can really rest, unwind and relax among nature at your leisure.

A picture of Rohanda

                                                                Rohanda- A Mini Paradise in the Hills

If you are spiritually inclined you can take a taxi from Rohanda and visit the Rewlsar Lake, which is near Mandi. This popular destination is visited by thousands of people from different religious faiths every year. While in Mandi, you can also check out its palace, the temples and a vibrant bazaar. Should you wish to get away from the madding crowd, Rohanda is only a short distance away. So, go ahead and make that enquiry now. You know you want to.

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