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Awesome Manali Travel Tips to ensure that Your Trip is On Point

Many a trip to Manali has been ruined due to lack of information and preparation. But never fear because we’re here. We have painstakingly prepared for you these awesome Manali travel tips to ensure that your dream holiday goes without a hitch! Now keep in mind that these tips pertain to summer travel in Manali & winters are a different ballgame altogether. Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Clothes & Items of Personal Care

Even if you’re going during the summer months, do carry medium strength woolens with you, as the temperatures can fall to 5 degrees Celcius. Also, if you’re planning to go for some adventure activities like river –rafting, make sure to carry a change of clothes with you when you go for any water sports as you’re bound to get wet. Other must-carry items include enough socks, a nice pair of hiking shoes and sunscreen.

A sturdy pair of hiking shoes is necessary for Manali (Phtoto: Girls Gone Sporty)

A sturdy pair of hiking shoes is necessary for Manali (Phtoto: Girls Gone Sporty)

Take care of your health

Some of you would definitely be apprehensive about travelling to higher altitudes. You might be prone to motion sickness, or might be affected by the thinning levels of air high up in the hills. One of the most important Manali travel tips for you is to carry along a small first aid kit. It should include essentials such as ORS, fever and headache medication, a thermometer, antiseptic fluid, Band-Aids, cotton and a hand sanitizer. Do avoid overeating when you are in a moving vehicle and are at especially high altitudes.



Stay prepared and take good care of your health (Photo: The Girl & Globe)

Stay prepared and take good care of your health (Photo: The Girl & Globe)

 Be Aware of the Tourist Rush and Traffic Jams, plan accordingly

As many tourists, both Indian and international, visit Manali during the summer months, you will unfortunately find the roads packed. This is especially the case when a collective mass of people is travelling towards a popular tourist destination such as the Rohtang Pass. You should leave for your destinations as early in the morning as possible so as to beat the peak hour rush. Trust us, waking up early may seem like a hassle but you’ll have peace of mind and a smooth traffic experience as a result.

Know what kind of permits you need

All non-Himachal Pradesh vehicles need a permit to go up to Rohtang Pass, and these sell out really fast so make sure that you have someone on hand to do the booking quickly. Entry to the Great Himalayan National Park near Manali is also by permit, with extra charges for still photography and video photography. Research about the place that you’re visiting in advance, especially regarding entry and photography permits so that you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises.

Be Money Smart

Cash is king, especially if you intend to eat out a lot in Manali. Be warned that most restaurants in Manali don’t accept cards, so carrying cash is always the best option. Plus, you will also need cash to rent snow shoes, and for various entry tickets. Finding an ATM may be a huge hassle and a waste of time and carrying cash will give you peace of mind.

In Manali, Cash is King (Photo: Shutterstock)

One of the most important Manali travel tips: Cash is King (Photo: Shutterstock)

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