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5 Reasons Why Rohanda is a Trekkers and Hikers Delight!

1. It is undiscovered and unspoiled

Don’t want to brave the masses who trek to Kheerganga each year? You don’t have to! Come to Rohanda, which is at a height of 7000 feet. Stay in a vintage bungalow in the midst of an apple orchard and enjoy trekking and hiking on all varieties of terrains. Be it a moderate or a challenging terrain, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the peace and quiet in the lap of nature while you give your camera a much needed workout!

2. An awesome fair at Lake Kamrunag

The Saranhauli Fair is held at the banks of Lake Kamrunag each year in June. Many locals and tourists from all different religions attend the fair, and give their offerings to the divine lake. It’s truly a spiritual experience that you need to witness.


Lake Kamrunag shrouded in mist. Image courtesy The Travelling Slacker.

         Lake Kamrunag shrouded in mist. Image courtesy The Travelling Slacker


3. You can trek from Rohanda to Kamrunag

The trek from Rohanda to Kamrunag is believed to be one of the most scenic treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is about 6 km long and can be covered in around 3 hours. The best part about staying at The Orchard Retreat is that there is a trail going up to the lake right in front of the bungalow. Remember to carry water bottles, energy bars and other essentials with you if you are a first-time trekker.

4. You can also trek from Kamrunag to Shikari Devi Shrine

If you want to trek to the famous Shikari Devi shrine, it is a good idea to trek from Kamrunag to Shikari Devi Shrine, rather than going back to Rohanda and starting all over again. From Kamrunag to the shrine, it is a distance of about 15 km and takes around 6 hours to complete. Experienced trekkers would find this experience invigorating, especially with the scenic views on the trek. However, first timers are not advised to undertake this journey. One tip: if you’re planning to trek all the way from Rohanda to Shikara Devi Shrine, then do star early morning so that you can return while there is still light in the sky.


The Shikari Devi Shrine. Image Courtesy Tarun Goel.

                  The Shikari Devi Shrine. Image Courtesy Tarun Goel


5. An awesome place to call your basecamp

Earlier Rohanda was bereft of suitable accommodation options. However, now with the entry of the amazing Orchard Retreat Hotel, all your woes have come to an end. Enjoy incredible home-cooked meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner are all inclusive in the room prices) and bonfires at night if you please. The hotel will also provide you with guides to help you along the treks if you wish. Now that makes for a perfect trekking experience.

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