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The Hawa Mahal of Jaipur from a Different Perspective

The Hawa Mahal is the most emblematic place in Jaipur and we see countless images of this beautiful place if we search for more information online. The facade of the Hawa Mahal is beautiful but at the same time there are other places inside that are equally or more and partly beautiful.

The beautiful facade of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Hawa Mahal

The Hawa Mahal has the peculiarity that has an infinity of windows in its facade that face the street and from where the ladies of the Maharaja contemplated the life and the processions of Jaipur.

Detail of the balconies

Inside we can see a patio with a pond or a pool in the center where you can breathe a very quiet atmosphere, away from the noisy noise of Jaipur and where people sit, walk or just stare at what others do, something very typical…

Interior of the patio

The street takes you to the entrance (it is in the back) it is as if all of a sudden everything will be silent. The noise from outside does not reach in this area. As soon as you enter there is a nice rectangular shaped patio with a pond or pool in the middle.

Another view of the patio with the small pool

View of the patio from above

More details

There is a staircase that goes up to the upper floors, right in the area that faces the street, where you can recreate everything in there. From vaults, engravings, stained glass windows, corridors, walls, windows, and a long etc. You will also see a couple of people restoring parts of the palace; Yes, at your pace, without hurry. Here we leave you more photos and more practical information in case you go through the Hawa Mahal.

Beautiful views from the upper area

One of the corridors inside

The side of one of the upper floors

Another detail of the palace

More details of the finishes of the windows

Interior of one of the plants

The stained glass windows that are engraved and detailed are spectacular. The predominant colors are yellow and red and, as usual, when it’s hot, it’s hot.

One of the colorful showcases

There are enough people every day who visit the palace, with children crowding in the corridors and others…

Practical facts of the Hawa Mahal:

  • Admission: ₹50 per person
  • It is easily reached by taking a rickshaw as everyone knows it.

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