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Travel Tidbits Tuesday: Edition 4


There are about 62 Tigers in Ranthambore National Park.

Which is one of the highest concentration of Tigers in any national park in India.
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Ranthambore National Park has a large tiger population. The park was established as a sanctuary for the tigers and to help decrease the fatal interactions that were increasing between humans and tigers. Project Tiger, established in 1973 was the result of this. In 2005 there were only 26 Tigers left in the park. But due to ongoing efforts to reduce poaching of Tigers, in 2008 there were reportedly 48 tigers. In 2014 the number of tigers was reported at 62. Because of the population increase officials at Ranthambore National Park are now considering moving some of their tiger population to other tiger reserves.

Ranthambore National Park has a combination of dry tropical forests, rocky terrain, lakes, streams, and grassy meadows, with more than 539 flowering plant species.

Visitors to Ranthambore National Park can take three hour long safaris in which they can hope to spot a tiger in its natural habitat. It is a must visit for all nature and adventure lovers.

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