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Weekend Inspiration – Travel Inspiration for Travel Lovers

We are back with this week’s Weekend Inspiration!

“Exploration is the essence of human spirit” – Frank Borman #WeekendInspiration
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Weekend Inspiration

Exploring meant walking in the woods, peering into the creek bed, cracking open rocks, riding bikes to new places, finding creatures, climbing trees, and discovering things. People gathered in the neighborhood and just went off to find interesting things. I think of Bill Watterson’s line from Calvin and Hobbes: “It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy. . . let’s go exploring!”

What would you explore next? What would be your next great adventure?
What are your favourite travel destinations in Himachal?

Next Weekend, chill with your friends at beautiful Himalayan destinations like Manali, Kasauli and Rohanda!

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Let the adventure begin.

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