10 Amazing Things to Do When you are In Ranthambore

The list of activities to do in Ranthambore National Park is a must in your itinerary when visiting Rajasthan. Bordered by rocky ridges, Ranthambore boasts of exquisite natural beauty attracting many tourists every year. It reflects an idyllic amalgamation of nature, history and wilderness. Here comes a list for Things to do in Ranthambore as part of Ranthambore national park travel guide for you. So, letís begin.

1. Ranthambore Fort

Itís a landmark of Ranthambore National Park. The fort is situated on 700 ft. high hill and is the main tourist attraction.

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2. Ganesh Temple

Trinetra Ganesh Temple has three-eyed idol of Lord Ganesha and is one of the oldest temples of Rajasthan. It attracts a large number of devotees and five aartis are held every day here.

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3. Surwal and Padam Lake

Lakes are best spots for sightseeing near Ranthambore Park.  These are tucked in isolation and are ideal for those who love peace and nature.

4. Kachida Valley

Located on the outskirts of park, the valley is home to panthers and bears. Low jagged hills enhance the beauty of the place. Other animals, including deer and wild boars are also found here.

5. Jogi Mahal

It was once a rest house for visitors. The banyan Tree located here is considered to be one of the largest banyan trees in the country. However, the accommodation here is restricted now.

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6. Raj Bagh Ruins

Itís one of the unique things in the Ranthambore reserve, which reminds us about the royal era of Rajasthan perfectly blended with the wildlife. These ruins are located between the Padam Talao (lake) and the Raj Bagh Talao.

7. Village Women Craft

A wide range of handicrafts such as handmade carpets, woolen carpets, tribal rugs, wildlife paintings, shawls, bed covers and many more can be seen at village Women Craft.

8. Ranthambore School of Art

Itís one of the most inspiring places where students have talent of painting, which are mainly of tigers

9. Wild Dragon

Adding to the adventure, the park offers zorbing, horror house and ATV (All-terrain vehicle) ride to the visitors, which offer once in a lifetime experience.

10. Akaula Region

Due to its rich plantation and water bodies, this region is comparatively cooler than the other areas of Rajasthan. Its soothing environment is the reason why many animals and birds reside here, including tigers.


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