Kasauli – The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

If you just recently got married, what you want now is to get away from all those guests at home and spend some romantic time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If that is what you want for your honeymoon, then Kasauli will be your best bet. This quaint little hill station is just a few hours drive from Delhi and Chandigarh. It may be a tiny hill station but there is no dearth of activities for new couples. Hike through thick forests or take a walk in the famous Lover’s Lane.

If you are looking for dreamy Kasauli places to stay, then we assure that you will not be disappointed. From luxury options to affordable hotels, there are all kinds of options suitable to every budget.

The small cantonment town of Kasauli was built in the British era and has a very mystic feel to it. Its dew laced roads and green ambience is perfect for the couple to get in the mood. As you arrive here, you can check into your hotel and explore the environs on foot. You will be amazed at the easy life and well maintained sightseeing spots, even though it attracts heavy crowds over the weekend. Kasuali, over the years, has primed itself to receive visitors from all parts of the country and has now become well adjusted to its touristic ways.

You can spend your second day in this hill station checking out some popular attractions such as the famous monkey point. You can also visit the Gurkha Fort that was built back in 19th century and can be a pleasant sightseeing experience.

On your third day, you can go up to the highest distillery in the world, Kasauli Brewery. There are also plenty of short hikes in the area that will give you a perfect opportunity to walk hand in hand with your significant other, enjoying nature and each other’s company in privacy. Nature trails are one of the best ways to connect with a mountain town, such as this one.

Kasauli may not be at a very high altitude but it can get really cold, depending upon the time of the year you go in. Winters are extremely chilly and summers are pleasant.

You can either choose to be active here, mostly just walking around and hiking the trails, or simply be lazy. Many people come all the way here to literally do nothing and just breathe fresh mountain air. If you are looking to get outside the city for a quick refreshing trip, Kasauli will certainly do the trick for you!

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