Visit Mohan Heritage Park near Ashwani Khad during your stay at Kasauli
A visit to Kasauli is not just about taking a quick break to the hills. Yes, you could do just that and simply unwind by going for long walks and exploring the beauty of the hill station i.e. yet to be crowded like its more famous cousin - Shimla. 

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A trip to Kasauli also means enjoying the toy train, monkey point, taking a trip to the nearby places like Dagshai, a day picnic to Mohan Heritage Park or better still do the Kasauli - Chail - Shimla package with a day picnic at Mohan Heritage Park. 

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We started at about 10:30 am from Kasauli, after spending the previous night singing songs around a small bon fire put together by the manager. The dinner was quite filling and I got up early for a gentle trek upto Manki Point. Post breakfast, we were ready to leave for Chail via a stop over at Mohan Heritage Park. While we had not heard much about this place, the fact that it was enroute (there is a small detour though just after Solan but it was worth it) and that we were a group of 6 made it worthwhile for us to give it a shot.  

Our driver Rajesh, a local kept us amused with stories about the hills. Mohan Heritage Park is roughly 26 odd Km from Kasauli. Roughly around 8 kms ahead of Solan (towards Shimla), we took a right turn towards a narrow road going downhill. We were glad that we had the services of a local driver as he expertly negotiated the next 6-7 kms. What lie ahead was indeed something, we had not imagined. Mohan Park is a beautiful place showcasing the rich Hindu mythology. Further down the road, is a flowing river. We were told that a small trek leads towards a little waterfall ahead. The park is the biggest heritage park of North India and is located on the banks of Ashwani Khad. Our Hotel Manager had packed us some delicious biryani and few rolls that we enjoyed basking under the sun. The place itself is quite scenic and we spent couple of hours simply enjoying the place. 

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All in all, we would recommend this trip for all those coming for a stay at Kasauli or Shimla or Chail. I would recommend that one should hire a local cab to this place. Click here for packages to Mohan Heritage Park from Kasauli.. (should be a link to the Packages page showing Ashwani Khad)
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