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White Mushrooms Holidays, a group that runs  hotel and corporate service apartments in multiple cities including Kasauli, keeps the tradition alive through its array of events and functions.

White Mushrooms Holidays Effort To Retain Traditional Arts
White Mushroom Holidays keeps the tradition alive through its array of events and functions. On the 7th of May, 2016,  it will organize an event, the Comedy Play by Tamasha being a major attraction. The guests to the event are purely through invitation. The event will be followed by a sumptuous dinner for the guests.

The Event
The event will comprise of  an entertainment programme followed by dinner for the elite guests. The guest list includes many significant names (including the local MLA). The event is scheduled and will be held in the hotel premises. The main attraction of the event is surely musical comedy ‘Kya Kaha’ presented by Tamasha ,a famous group from Delhi. This hilarious spoof on marriage in Hindi has a total duration of 75 minutes. Vinod Verma is the writer and director of this play. The music for this play is done by Madan Bala Sindhu.The local media will cover the event. The ticket prices for the play are Rs 150, Rs 100 and Rs 50 each.

About The Group
India has been the home to many unique art forms including plays, skits and dance forms of different types. These have been the major source of entertainment for people till the arrival of audiovisual media. Tamasha group has been trying to keep the folklore of Punjabalive through its Stage shows, Musicals, Stand ups  etc. The stories are conveyed in an easy to understand, humorous manner, laced with old Punjabi rustic music.

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