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Can you recommend few good hotels in Kasauli?

White Mushroom Boutique Hotels are an excellent choice for those looking for style, comfort and value for money. While there are many hotels in Kasauli, White Mushroom offers you two hotels in Kasauli :
Standard : White Mushroom – Sanawarview
Premium : White Mushroom – Marvel Hills
Our Kasauli hotels are carefully selected and are verified by our team. Coupled with that our customer servicee desk operates all 365 days to help you with bookings/queries etc. So be it a hotel in Kasauli or a resort in Kasauli or a cheap hotel in Kasauli, our travel desk would be able to guide you.
Kasauli has a range of hotels. It is recommended not to choose a place purely on price. White Mushroom – Sanawarview is ranked high on ratings from other customers. We also have a Premium hotel in Kasauli with conference room, parking, restaurant etc.

While choosing for hotels in Kasauli, what is the difference between a budget hotel in Kasauli and Premium hotel in Kasauli. Are they in two separate locations? How far are they from Mall road in Kasauli?

White Mushroom offers only two properties in Kasauli. The Premium property has more number of rooms, conference facility, log huts as well as regular rooms while the Standard range is a boutique property with 12 rooms and a small lawn, roof top and parking. Book in advance directly with the hotel to get the best rooms and best deals. Call us now.

What are the things to do in Kasauli. Which are the places to see in Kasauli?

Kasauli is a small hill town near Chandigarh and is roughly at the same height of Simla, its more famous cousin. Being a cantonment, the place is clean and is not crowded like some of the other hill stations. Kasauli is best enjoyed, doing nothing – yes you got that right – DO NOTHING, simply soak in the tranquillity of nature and fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Amongst the places to see in Kasauli, we have listed few of them below:
Gilberts trail, trek to Manki Point, Kushwant Singh Trek are few of the walks that we recommend.
Places to see in Kasauli
- Monkey or Manki Point
- Sunrise and Sunset Point
- Upper and Lower Mall
- Tibetan Market
- Baba Balak Nath Temple
- Catholic Church
- Kasauli Brewery
- Sai Baba temple
The toy train from Dharampur is another exciting way to relive your childhood. Cable car at Parwanoo is another major draw.
Mohan Park at Solan is another interesting place and should be on your list if you have an extra day to spend. A day trip to the park with packed picnic lunch is a great way to unwind. Its few kms away from the highway on the Solan bye pass. There is a small river flowing closeby – Ashwani Khad.
Day trips to Simla can be easily arranged. It takes around 2 and a half hours to reach Simla from Kasauli.
Packages for Chail-Shimla are also available.

What are the best places to visit while at Kasauli?

Mall road, Gilberts trail, Tibetan market, Sai Baba temple, Lovers Point, Heritage Market are the famous places to visit in Kasauli. The whiskey making process is quite an experience too at the brewery.

The bun-tikkis, momos, ice creams, pakoras are a must do while at any hill station and Kasauli is no different. The place has an old world charm and is very relaxed. The Kasauli Club is a very old club (entry is restricted) and is usually the venue for the famous Kasauli Kushwant Singh Lit Fest.

Is there any good time to visit Kasauli?

Kasauli, due to its proximity to Delhi has now become a year round destination so there really is no such thing called as best time to visit Kasauli. Coupled with that, is the fact that it is not crowded like other hill station, thus making it a perfect holiday destination for families, youngsters, corporate meetings etc.
May & June are the peak months and it is best to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
The best time to visit Kasauli for Delhiites are the months from Sep - Nov as the season is over and the rains have made the place lush green.
It is a mere 60 kms from Chandigarh, thus making it a perfect place to throw parties on special occasions.
Rainy seasons are romantic and the entire hills turn green. Lots of city dwellers are booking a longer periods during the rains to simply unwind from their busy city lives.
Winters are nice and cold and are perfect to sit around a bonfire with a group. Weekends are busy all through the year, thus prices tend to move up at better properties. It is always best to plan well by booking few days in advance and also book directly with the hotel to get the best rooms and deals. Remember lesser prices on the net don’t necessarily get you the best deals.

Is it better to go for a Breakfast & Dinner plan while booking a room at a hotel in Kasauli?

While at Kasauli, do spend time on the mall road. The Heritage Market, though small, retains its old world charm with few eateries, artefact shops and cobbled streets. Do enjoy a hot cup of coffee, or try the momos with its spicy sauce, or the bun tikkis – though be wary of the monkeys ever ready to pounce on your food. Few of the shops offer great woollen bargains. Given that the day time is the best time to visit the mall road, it is recommended to opt for a Breakfast + Dinner plan while staying at a hotel in Kasauli.

What is the best way to commute in Kasauli?

Pvt taxis are easy to get – simply call our reception while staying at White Mushroom Hotel in Kasauli to help you arrange a cab. Buses move frequently between Chandigarh and Kasauli. Dharampur on the Delhi – Zirakpur – Simla highway is well connected through the day.

What is the history of Kasauli?

Kasauli is a small hilltown in Solan district and is roughly 70 km from Simla. It is just a 90 minute drive from Chandigarh on the Simla highway. It was established by the Britishers in 1842. However, there is another version that dates back to the 17th century. Few families from Rewari settled in a small town called Kasul. Yet another version talks about a flower maiden named Kusmawali, thus the name Kasauli. The famous Manki Point has its own legend of Hindu God, Hanuman placing his feet in the region while going for the Sanjeevani plant.