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Corporate Social Responsibility

White Mushroom Hotels believes that it has a social responsibility towards the nation. Profit is sure one of our major goals but it does not end there. We aspire to play our role towards our society and provide equal opportunity to people belonging to different ethnicities, cults, social backgrounds and physical abilities. Our team of White Mushroom Hotels extends a hand of opportunity to people of different backgrounds. We at White Mushroom Hotels strongly believe that people coming from different backgrounds (be it social, economic or even physical), should not be deprived of life’s significant opportunities. They should be given an equal chance to prove themselves and their worth in society. We thus, not just ensure that people from different backgrounds get to enter our workforce, but also make sure the work environment is conducive to people belonging to different backgrounds. The work environment at our hotels provide motivation and encourage people from different backgrounds, socio economic groups or physical conditions to work in unanimity. We take pains to ensure that individuals from the opportunity deprived groups are identified and given an opportunity to work and prove their worth. Our team is thus a complete medley of people belonging to different backgrounds. We take special pains to get the ‘opportunity deprived Indians’ into the workforce and provide them the same opportunity.

Employees with Physical Disability

There are many diverse types of physical disabilities that prevent individuals from living a life of dignity or earning their living by themselves. The census of the year 2011 reveals that 26.8 million people in India suffer from some disability. The census only takes into account the physical disability of a person. This number does not include social and economic disabilities. This means that 2.1% of the total Indian population is disabled. These include many different types of physical and mental disabilities. Here we have made a list of these: Physical Disabilities: Orthopedically Handicapped Individuals (OH) Individuals with Speech and Hearing Impairment (SHI) Individuals with lowered vision or Visually Impaired (VI) Intellectual Disabilities: Down’s Syndrome

Employees from Poor Socio-Economic Backgrounds

Individuals who belong to marginalised sections of society can never be neglected. These are individuals who are deprived of work opportunities due to the region they belong or their social status. Here is a list of different deprived people we support by providing career opportunities: Battered women or women who are widowed and removed from their families. Individuals belonging to different regions of North East like Chattisgarh, Bihar and Assam.

Individuals who belong to economically poor backgrounds. Orphans Individuals who fall below the poverty line.

Buyers of Tribal and Folk Art

We support different rural and tribal art by being a noteworthy purchaser of the tribal and rural art works like Madhubani and Warli.

Supporting NGOS

We understand the role we play in society. We contribute effectively to non Government Organisations (NGOs). We contribute to ensure that people who are in need get the right assistance. We make sure the rights of all are safeguarded and money is utilised to provide food, clothing, shelter, education and health to the needful

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