Frequently Asked Questions

Boutique Stay FAQ

Q: Are airport/railway station pickup and drops included in the price? If not, how much will a taxi charge from the airport/railway station? If not, how do I get to and from airport/railway station?

A: No. Pickups and drops are not covered. Jaipur Airport (pick up/drop) – 1350 (one way) Railway station: 375 (one way)

Q: At What time can I check in at my arrival hotel?

A: The check-in time is 12 noon onwards.

Q: Can I request an early check-in?

A: We will try our best to honor the request. However, if we are sold out the night before, the check-in time will be 12:00 noon onwards.

Q: Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my stay?

A: It is possible but depends upon the availability and at an additional cost.

Q: Can I add additional people to an existing booking?

A: Depends upon the availability and at an additional cost.

Q: What types of Credit Cards are accepted?

A: We accept Master, Visa, Amex Credit Cards.

Q: Can I cancel or make changes to my booking?

A: Please refer our cancellation policy. If you have opted for an Economy Saver Plan or any such plan that specifically states “No refund/no cancellation” then no cancellation would be allowed. For the others, please refer to the cancellation policy.

Experiential Stay FAQ

Q: Does White Mushroom Hotels have family trips?

A: Yes. We do arrange family trips.

Q: Once I’ve started my trip, who should I contact for help?

A: You would be getting a Welcome note with the details of the manager at the property.

Q: Is airport/railway station pick up and drop included in the trip price? If not, how much will a taxi cost from the airport/railway station? If not, how do I get to and from airport/railway station?

A: No. It is not part of the stay.

Q: What time can I check in at my arrival hotel?

A: The check-in time is 12 noon onwards.

Q: I have a disability – can I join an experiential trip?

A: Yes, of course. You can join our experiential trips.

Q: I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered?

A: Yes. Just let us know and we will take care of your special dietary requirements.

Q: What will the food be like on my trip?

A: Veg/Non-veg food would be served. If you have any special request, kindly let us know in advance so that we could confirm if that can be arranged or not.

Q: What is the best way to carry money?

A: We recommend to have access to money from a variety of sources – cash and cards. The ATMs are available in all the cities and towns.

Q: Will refrigeration be available for medicines?

A: We have refrigeration facility available in the unit – not necessarily in the rooms.

Q: What if I get ill or injured on the trip and not able to continue?

A: Our guides are trained in giving the first aid and carry the kit to deal with minor injury and illness. If emergency and non-emergency health care are required, we will work with you to find appropriate medical care. For cancellation, please refer to our cancellation policy.

Q: Can I store extra luggage at the starting point hotel?

A: Yes. You can store your extra luggage at the starting point hotel.

Q: Do I need to carry a sleeping bag?

A: No. You won’t need to carry a sleeping bag.

Q: What clothes and footwear should I take on treks?

A: Wear whatever you are comfortable with. It is recommended to have strong sturdy shoes.

Q: What important documents do I need to carry?

A: ID card is good enough.

Q: Can I join a tour late or leave it early?

A: T&C apply. If part of a larger group, then it may not be possible.

Q: Are there any age restrictions on your tours?

A: There are no age limits on our tours.

Q: Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?

A: Yes. If you want to opt out of a certain activity, you are free to do so.

Q: How difficult is the trek on my trip?

A: The treks are easy to moderate

Q: Do I get any free time?

A: Yes. The evening time will be free.

Q: What if I reach late and miss some part of the trip?

A: No refunds.

Q: What communication facilities will be available?

A: Wi-Fi is available at most of the places.

Q: How can my friends and family contact you?

A: Phone numbers are available on the net etc.

Q: Will my mobile work?

A: This will depend on the network service provider.

Q: Will I get internet coverage?

A: Yes – however, speed etc. is subject to service provider especially on the hills.

Q: Will I be able to charge my mobile or laptop on my trip?

A: No. We recommend you to take your own back up battery.

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